On waking in Buenos Aires


It’s about the third day of travel when it sets in…

It’s 8 in the morning, and your body is tangled in the sheets. It’s hot, humid and your body is covered in a fine sheen of sweat. The fan above circles noisily and lazily, providing a small sense of relief from the heat.

Before that moment when your eyes open, the heat and sweat can be an annoyance, until you open your ears and hear it…

…the sounds of a city vastly different from your own. Dogs are barking while a man shouts at his wife or girlfriend from the street below to open the door. An accordion is playing above the sounds of broken Spanish phrases and the shuffle of buses on cobbled streets all merge and dance around your eyes.

That’s when it sets in… the deep realisation that you have nothing that you have to do, nowhere that you have to go, no one that you have to see. It´s relaxing to realise you are the master of all the choices that the day will place in front of you.

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