Australia Day… again


Some people said I wasn´t very Australian to leave on Australia Day, but as far as I´m concerned it´s far from the truth. I love Australia Day so much that I will fly around the world to get two of them if I have to… so I did!So after a fairly normal twelve hour flight, I land in Buenos Aires to the dawn of the same day again. Brilliant!

I don´t know why, but I always picture a disaster happening when I fly. Morbid huh? Maybe it was after witnessing the plane crash in Toronto back in 2005. Anyway, I´m on the plane and I´m picturing me trying to sleep with the strangely distracting smell of hot chocolate being served around, and I dream that someone goes up to the window at the overwing exit. They lean on the door and accidentally open it up. Cups of hot chocolate go screaming out the gaping hole in the side of the plane and everyone starts grasping for the oxygen masks as they fall from above.

Now, I know that the doors are protected against accidental openings such as the one described above, but still I have these dreams while I´m on board. It probably doesn´t help that I´ve also just finished a seasons of Fringe, which features a few plane disasters throughout its plot of twisted science. Next time I´m taking sleeping pills…

Window or Aisle? I´m still on the fence as to which I prefer for long distance flights. I think I´m more of an aisle man, because I hate disturbing or waking up someone else to get up to go the loo, but then again, it´s much harder to sleep in the aisle seat.

Which do you prefer?

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