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Feeling somewhat adventurous, I hired a dune buggy for a day to get to some of the harder to reach spots on Fernando de Noronha. The freedom was wonderful, and I ticked a few more places off my list that I’d been meaning to see or go back to. 

First stop though was down to the petrol station to fill up. I must say it was a bit challenging trying to stay on what I consider to be the wrong side of the road. Plus I had no idea how much fuel this thing was going to need or use. With some help from the locals, I was off and running. 

And I soon found myself back at my favourite haunt, the Baia do Sancho. 

After a 300m walk to the cliffs, you then descend down two sets of rickety ladders to end up walking down onto a gorgeous stretch of beach. Giant white birds with pterodactyl-style tails were flying and circling around overhead, before sheltering in the trees that hugged the cliffs around the calm bay.  It was somewhat like a scene out of Jurassic park, but without the fences, or the maneaters…

There was a giant tree at one end of the beach providing shade and protection for the handful of tourists who had come to snorkel and bathe. At the other end, tranquility and isolation… 

I loved the freedom that the buggy brought, even though it was a bugger to drive. At night it was dangerous too, as the top of the buggy obscured most of my vision of the road… Regardless, it was all going well. That was until… it broke. The gears snapped or something <insert technical explanation here later> and left me practically immobile on a busy enough stretch of road where there no places to pull over. Directly on either side of the road were large gullies for the rain…. and no place for stopping. 

With some mild swearing from other drivers, and a bit of a panic, I managed to veer the buggy by reversing down the wrong side of the road, and snagging an impromptu parking spot out the front of one of the restuarants. Lucky for me, one of the guys hanging around out the front, knew the owner of the buggy hire company. And it got all sorted within a half hour… 

They offered me a replacement buggy, but that thing was crazy I tell you. I said, ‘maybe tomorrow…’

(Hell no!)

Postcard Photos at Every Turn



If you truly want to be in awe of Fernando de Noronha, then I recommend starting with one of the general island tours on your first day. (Blue Marlin had some good tours!) It’s great as there are some areas of the island you are only allowed to go to with a guide, particularly where the sea turtles are hatching and their breeding grounds. Once you’ve gone around to all points of the island, heard all the local stories, seen the views and taken those tourist pose photos (see below), then you’re pretty much free to pick and choose from the type of scene you want to for the rest of your time. 


From the sandy stretch of Praia Baldro to the snorkeling haven of Baia dos Porcos to the enchanting Baio do Sancho, you’ll be spoilt for choice on this island. Waves? There’s a beach for that. Snorkeling, there’s a hundred bays for that. Chilled down time, there’s a beach for that too…. 

Buggies, Bikes or Hikes are the best way to get around the island – and it’s not that big a place that you can’t get to or from any one place without too many worries.

Tour operators offer boat trips around the island too. Dolphins love to play alongside the boats as you head to the bays around the island and drop anchor to snorkel. I didn’t really rate snorkeling before this trip. I’d been snorkeling up in Cairns, and it was fun, but would I be itching to do it again – probaby not. But here, the sheer volume of wildlife underneath the waters, and the absolute purity and clarity in the waters around the island make snorkeling or diving a must. 

You could see down for 40 metres through the water to the sea floor below with little difficulty. Giant sea turtles lazily swim around, as do manta rays, sharks (friendly mostly), fish of all sizes and colours. 

I didn’t make it diving, but maybe these videos might whet your appetite!

On the island, the birds slowly circle overhead above the beaches, as hordes of small lizards roam the rocks and scurry when the giant rat-like creatures come snooping around. Natural beauty is everywhere… just as you’d hope.

Party Comedown in Paradise


What better way to comedown from the massive party that is Carnival in Brazil, than a week in paradise… with nothing better to do than pamper oneself in nature.

For me, that piece of paradise was an island off the coast of Brazil called Fernando de Noronha. It’s the result of a volcanic blip spewing forth from the ocean floor, but oh what a blip it is. Unbounded nature meets beauty on this island where tourism has been limited in order to preserve its integrity. Turtles, birds, dolphins, sharks and so many fish of all descriptions teem in the waters and around the island. 

The best place to catch the flight to Fernando de Noronha is from Natal, where it’s about an hour’s flight off the coastline. As you near the island, the pilots do a quick circuit of the island to let you drink in the views, and it’s a stiff drink to say the least! 

The island is only 18.4 square kilometres, but it fits a lot of diversity in the space. If you love snorkeling, diving, natural beaches, hiking or wildlife, then this island will suit you perfectly.

It’s not the easiest, or cheapest place to stay at in Brazil. In fact it was the most expensive of all the places on my itinerary. However planning ahead can help keep costs down. Book ahead for the cheaper bed and breakfast stays. I ended up going middle of the range, because hey, I was there to treat myself. 

I arrived at Beco de Noronha, my pousada, to find the friendly staff waiting for me with a cocktail, and a foot massage as they settled me into the island routine. (Nice routine!)


After settling in, and having a brief walk around the island, I found myself heading into town for some dinner. I found the cutest restaurant called Cacimba, where the food was amazing. I went back a few times to this place during my stay, as they had a modern take on some Brazilian style dishes that I really got into.

While the adrenalin of Carnival was fast leaving my body, the relaxation and bliss of being here on this incredible island was taking over.