Muerte y Gloria


Death and Glory… never captured quite like in the mausoleums of Cementerio de la Recoleta.
Inside the cemetery lies row after row of memories, chronicling the lives, histories and accomplishments of the dearly departed.

Some graves are bedecked with ornate designs of varying architectural styles, while others are simple granite stone memorials.

But the size and shape of the mausoleum, no matter how grandiose, does not signifiy the importance of those housed within.

In one of the simplest abodes, lies the revered Eva Peron, or ‘Evita’, Little Eva.
Forget Madonna, this woman captured the hearts of many of the local ‘Porteños’. Starting from humble beginnings, she went on to become an outspoken first lady of Argentina, marrying the President Juan Peron. She won the respect of many, for her tireless campaigning on behalf of the poor and for the rights of women. Unfortunately her tale is a sad one, as the military didn’t agree with the dictatorial style of her husband and staged a coup.

She was just 33, the same age as me now, when she passed away from cancer.

If you get the chance, definitely head to this famous cemetery in Recoleta, Buenos Aires for a few hours of reflection and respect.

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