The Floripa Streaker

Just before my streak at Praia das Galhetas

Just before my streak at Praia das Galhetas

Florianopolis, or ‘Floripa’ as the trendy Brazilians call it, is a city that doesn’t know which side of the fence it is on. Half the city is on the mainland of Brazil and the other half is on the island of Santa Catarina.

The keyword here is beaches. There’s beaches for surfers, beaches for people who are 20-30, beaches for wave-lappers, beaches for tanners and finally – beaches for nudists.

What better way to leave Brazil than with a truly consolidated tan, right?

So one sunny morning I found myself lying face down grabbing some rays feeling all liberated.

(No wise cracks about sand in uncomfortable places ok… after all, a wise crack stays covered!)

There may … uh hmmmm … be a photo around somewhere…

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