Falling for Foz

Foz de Iguaçu - over 275 waterfalls all in one glorious place

Foz de Iguaçu – over 275 waterfalls all in one glorious place

From Salvador the Brazilianaire decided to catch a plane down to the south of Brazil to visit its world-famous waterfalls. The Foz de Iguacu is an impressive set of waterfalls that hug the Brazilian and Argentinean border. Most tourists are hard up trying to decide which side is better, but each has its advantages. The Argentinean side gives you a great close-up experience of a number of the falls, some decent boat-rides and the chance to lose about 5kg from the day of walking. The Brazilian side shows you the full picture of the falls and you get a better idea of how impressive it is, as well as the chance to get REALLY wet with a boatride into the largest part of the falls.

At Foz de Iguacu I met two couples who were really cool – Angie (Peru) and Aidan (Australia), and Alex and Jack (both from the UK). I ended up travelling on further with Angie and Aidan and we shared an apartment at our next stop in Florianopolis.

Travelers Tips:

Stay at the Paudimar Campestre just outside of town for a great youth hostel with a good atmosphere! Discounts for Hostelling International members…

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