Sleepless in Santiago

Christian, myself and Evelin at the Cafe in Bellas Artes, Santiago

Christian, myself and Evelin at the Cafe in Bellas Artes, Santiago

I stumbled from the plane and onto the tarmack at the Santiago airport. The snow on the surrounding Andes mountains were doing their bit to chill me through. It was early afternoon, so I checked into my hostel and thought about sleeping as I’d stayed out all night in Rio and hadn’t quite managed to sleep on the plane. But after unpacking my gear, I felt a slight surge of energy that saw me walking out the door and down the street for a bit of a wander. That wander led me to a cafe with warm lights, steaming coffee and internet access.

Walking inside I used my Portuguese to speak with the waitress there and order a coffee. She asked if I was Brazilian and soon we were talking about our shared passion for Brazil. Thankfully her English was better than my Spanish, and we managed quite well to compare notes about samba and all things Brazilian. Evelin’s friends arrived at the cafe and soon I found myself surrounded by the friendliest Chileans in Chile. It’s not often you walk into a cafe and then walk out 8 hours later! We went out for dinner and then ended up going to a club to hear some great electronic music and attempt a dance or two. 44 hours after my last nap, I finally returned to my hostel bed just as the sun’s rays began to warm the icy streets of the city. What a welcome, and it was perfect to take my mind off my post-Brazil depression.

Travelers Tips:

Go to the cafe across the street from the Bella Artes metro station in Santiago, for the BEST coffee. If you see Evelin, give her a hug and say the Brazilianaire sent you!

Highlights in Santiago: The park called Santa Lucia, Daytrips to Valparaiso and Vina del Mar.

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