Losing Ones-self In History

It’s late in the afternoon, as the bus from Ubatuba shuffles into town. The golden tinge of the setting sun filters through to the colonial dwellings of Paraty.

A once important port for the transport of gold from Brazil to Portugal, the town is now a haven for tourists and artists keen to capture the essence of colonial Brazil.

After a quick refreshing shower at the pousada, it’s back out onto the cobbled streets for a closer look. Most of the buildings, particularly those in the historic centre, are painted white, with the only splashes of colour permitted are on the doors and their frames. It makes for an enticing photo.

The closer you get to the centre, the more Paraty’s charm takes over and you forget you are a tourist in what is quite the tourist attraction. It’s no wonder you see artists with easels out in the streets painting famous scenes of Paraty – this place is blooming beautiful. Touristic – yes. But there’s plenty of places to still lose yourself a little and grab some alone time with the village.

As I head into town, the sun sets and soon the colour of purple evening light adorns Paraty’s whitewashed walls. Night lights soon lead the way to street markets, musicians, shows and some amazing restaurants and ice cream shops.

You might not be able to lose yourself completely in Paraty’s few cobblestone streets, but you’ll definitely lose track of the time you spend in them…

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