Finding My Feet At Tobogã


The shrieks of excited children can be heard long before your trail to the waterfalls comes to an end.

And then that strange extended ‘mushy’ whoosh sound followed by a loud splash is finally explained. A smooth moss covered rockface, worn down over time, forms a natural waterslide down to the pool of water below.

Young kids, egged on by their parents, take cautious turns sitting or lying down and sliding the ten metres or so into the cool freshness of the mountain water below.

Then it’s the teenagers’ turn… not content with the simple pleasures, they prefer to surf down the slippery rock face on foot – dangerous, yes, but thrilling to watch.

I can barely make it across the flat slippery path without falling over at the top of the Tobogã, (or toboggan). The kids glide past me with grace and ease.

I think that this time, even with travel insurance on my side, I might stick with the ‘lying down’ option…

Locals here practice at the Tobogã for the annual ‘surf’ competition. That’s when you’ll see the most thrilling and daring moves come out…

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  1. I remember this ‘tobogã’ !! Didn’t know they have an annual competition though

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