What lurks below…

I’ve lived in Sydney for more than ten years, and have not once been to the Sydney Aquarium. But throw me into a foreign city and suddenly I’m at the aquarium within a few days…

It’s incredible when you get the opportunity to see some of the amazing creatures from below up close. You remember just how forieng and strange that world beneath sea level can be.

Tiny seahorses, crabs, anenomes and fish of all sorts, shapes and sizes fascinate the eyes and mind.

That strange world below ours is just as fascinating as the one we live in, and well worth a visit just as any other tourist destination deserves.

At the aquarium I suddenly became that small insignificant being observing all that was around me, and wondering about the part I play in the gigantic yet strangely small world of ours.

These moments are greta – they reignite the wonder that time erodes, and leave you dazzled, filled with questions and looking at things from new perspectives.

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