Beach life – Ubatuba


After catching a local bus for just 2 Reais, and seeing beach after beach fly past the window, we finally arrive at Praia Prumirim. The bus stop is not all that obvious, or very promising, as it appears to just be in the middle of nowhere.

But walking on, down the trail, we find the street access, and then soon we’re surrounded by nice beach houses scattered in and around the foliage.

The foliage parts, and now we’re on a fairly secluded beach, with just a few other beachgoers beside us. At the north end of the beach lies a kiosk, beside the lagoon, with deckchairs and sunbrellas waiting…

For just a few dollars, drink, food and water are at your beck and call. The tranquility is free, and you’re safe to leave your things behind as you take a dip in the refreshing water.

Turtles pop their heads up every now and then to gaze at you with mild curiosity, and crabs scamper across the sand to their hideaways as you head back to waiting caipirinhas and snacks.

Now THIS is Brazil…

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