On Visas and Passports


Travel only really works when you have travel documents that are up to the task.

And as it turns out, my passport was not quite up to the task of letting me into Brazil – yet… They needed to have six months validity on the passport, which there was, when I applied for the visa. However, the validity needs to be from the date you enter the country, not the date you apply for the visa. (Would have been good to have that in the notes section online somewhere!)

Anyway, after a few frantic calls and a trip or two down to the Australian Passport office in Sydney, I’ve been able to get myself a passport that is up to the task of some good old fashioned Aussie backpackery.

So hopefully the Brazilian visa will be not too far behind and the trip can commence as planned!

For those Aussies wanting to travel to Brazil, you will need an entry visa. Tourist visas cost around $50 and are available through the Brazilian consulate. 

Here’s the details

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  1. The Brazilianaire

    Just an update: my new passport has been issued, and I should (fingers crossed) be getting it back with a visa for Brazil the day before I leave. There’s nothing like a little last minute issue to get the heart pumping…

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