Preparing for the adventure


So it’s my final few weeks in Sydney.

There are a lot of changes coming up for the Brazilianaire these next few months… New job, new place to live and of course, the new travel adventures.

While I’m traveling, I wanted to be able to keep my friends, family and readers up to date with where I’m at and what I’m up to… but keeping it as simple as I can.

My site homepage will be updated on January 20 to include a new homepage that will show you the latest blog updates, latest tweets, photos and where I’ll be.

I didn’t want to take a computer with me when I was travelling, so I opted for an approach which would let me publish everything beforehand and update it with a simple email as I go.

iWeb, Apple’s web software created the pages for the site.

Location updates come through Plazes, and the widget that will appear on my homepage.

Blog updates come through from Posterous, a blogging platform that lets you update easily by sending emails from your standard addresses direct to your blog as posts. Posterous also lets me update Facebook and Twitter automatically.

Photo and video updates are done through Apple’s MobileMe galleries, which have been pre-published online so I will just upload direct to those…

Anyone using the twitter hashtag #brazilianaire can join in the conversation online and will appear in the homepage tweet timeline.

Widgetbox has provided a few widgets for me to easily share the blogs, location and photo updates.

Hopefully all the above will make it easy as to update the site while I’m travelling around.

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