Party Comedown in Paradise


What better way to comedown from the massive party that is Carnival in Brazil, than a week in paradise… with nothing better to do than pamper oneself in nature.

For me, that piece of paradise was an island off the coast of Brazil called Fernando de Noronha. It’s the result of a volcanic blip spewing forth from the ocean floor, but oh what a blip it is. Unbounded nature meets beauty on this island where tourism has been limited in order to preserve its integrity. Turtles, birds, dolphins, sharks and so many fish of all descriptions teem in the waters and around the island. 

The best place to catch the flight to Fernando de Noronha is from Natal, where it’s about an hour’s flight off the coastline. As you near the island, the pilots do a quick circuit of the island to let you drink in the views, and it’s a stiff drink to say the least! 

The island is only 18.4 square kilometres, but it fits a lot of diversity in the space. If you love snorkeling, diving, natural beaches, hiking or wildlife, then this island will suit you perfectly.

It’s not the easiest, or cheapest place to stay at in Brazil. In fact it was the most expensive of all the places on my itinerary. However planning ahead can help keep costs down. Book ahead for the cheaper bed and breakfast stays. I ended up going middle of the range, because hey, I was there to treat myself. 

I arrived at Beco de Noronha, my pousada, to find the friendly staff waiting for me with a cocktail, and a foot massage as they settled me into the island routine. (Nice routine!)


After settling in, and having a brief walk around the island, I found myself heading into town for some dinner. I found the cutest restaurant called Cacimba, where the food was amazing. I went back a few times to this place during my stay, as they had a modern take on some Brazilian style dishes that I really got into.

While the adrenalin of Carnival was fast leaving my body, the relaxation and bliss of being here on this incredible island was taking over.



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