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All good things pass through The Mouth


While on foot, the dullness of grey walls and crumbling facades slowly give way to colour, both vibrant and garishly beautiful. The sounds of bustling suburban streets gives way to the sounds of tango, accordions, drums and the incessant click of a million cameras capturing all.

You’ve reached, La Boca – ‘the mouth’, the heart and birthplace of tango in Argentina.
Although named because of its location at the mouth of the river, it could just as easily owe its name to the entrance of one of the most revered of the senses – taste.

The senses are truly delighted by the music, the colour and the spectacle of La Boca. Yes, it’s a haven for tourists and it’s changed the nature of the area somewhat, but there are still small pockets of delight for even the most tourist-weary traveler.

It has its allure. Come, relax, sit back with a fine glass of Malbec, and drink in the show.

I recommend avoiding the tourist buses. Take a fairly short walk from San Telmo down through the back streets of La Boca to see the other side of this ‘barrio’ (neighbourhood).

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