When music transcends…


I caught a live music show in Sao Paulo last night, and absolutely loved it.
Thiago Pethit was the main attraction, and he really delivered. His style is unique, but if I had to compare him to anyone, I’d probably say he has Mika-stylings, only Thiago is far more entertaining than Mika.

He sings in Portuguese, English and French, and is quite the talented and animated performer.

He was supported by another local act, Letuce, whose name sounds far more interesting when pronounced in Portuguese, than it does in English… 🙂 I think she was pregnant to the lead guitarist, but this could neither be confirmed or denied… hehehe

I loved it when both Thiago and Letuce sang in English. They had passion, musicality and mostly had their English accents perfected. The pronunciation made me smile, just as it seems to make the locals here smile when I speak with them in Portuguese. It’s those subtle inflections that always give you away as an ‘estrangeiro’ or foreigner…

(Side note: Brazilians have a really difficult time pronouncing the differences between ‘beach’ and ‘bitch’ in English… Also ‘can’t’ and well, you know the other word… It reminds me a little of Air New Zealand’s Rico!  In reverse, I always have trouble ordering bread in Brazil, as one of the words for penis is unfortunately far too similiar for my ear to detect…)

The performance venue, from what I can ascertain, is the performance hall of SESC, a group formed to push the agenda of social education and promote creativity and culture for the past 60 years. It must be working, as the show had a really had a fantastic vibe, and drew a very eclectic crowd of Paulistanas (locals from Sao Paulo).

Anyway it was strange, and comforting at the same time, to hear Lou Reed covers in the middle of this gigantic metropolis that is Sao Paulo. Thanks Thiago for a great show… I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

This moment was just one of the many secrets that the city unlocked for me during this visit. Thanks to Ricardo for lining up the tickets and sharing the experience with me.

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  1. Adao I´m happy for to be with you…Tks

  2. So I youtubed him and listened to Mapa Mundi. I than used google to translate a comment which was – ‘very tedious, I tried suicide before the first 10 seconds.’

    I don’t agree, but I now LOVE google translate!

    Keep having fun.

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