The Bludger of Bangkok

Temples - Thailand’s Touristic Triumph & Testament To Theology

Temples – Thailand’s Touristic Triumph & Testament To Theology

Bangkok, Thailand… I was getting so close to home now, and beginning to feel the effects of traveling without stopping.

I decided to take it easy in Bangkok and just hang around at the hotel watching movies, ordering great Thai food and spending the day wandering around the temples, streets and markets of Bangkok.

I think I missed every cultural experience in the city, choosing instead to stick to a habitual routine of frappes at the Coffee Society to start the day and then wandering through the hordes of lady boys and tourists haggling a deal to get back to my hotel for a bit of R’n’R.

With close to a year on the road, I was fast approaching the end of my journey, and my energy levels were starting to wane. The break in Bangkok was good for me – even though it meant that I never really got to see the true colours of Thailand’s cultures. Ah, but I imagine it won’t be long before I am back in Bangkok to further explore the country.

Now I had heard that clothing was very cheap in Thailand, so I began thinking of my ultimate move back into the corporate world and ventured out looking for a good tailor. After visiting numerous shops I finally settled on one that was not the lowest in price, but appeared to have a a good price for a good quality suit.

I ended up doing a little haggling and walked away with four quite nice suits and a few shirts to boot. Not a bad little effort all in all. In fact, I even had to buy a new suitcase to carry them in…

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