Rebirthing with the Swiss

Zurich - charm in all the right places...

Zurich – charm in all the right places…

Have you ever had a birthday where you just wish it had never happened? Some of you are probably thinking perhaps your 30th birthday… Well I wasn’t a fan of my 28th birthday. It happened in Madrid, Spain, an incredible city and the day should have been anything BUT ordinary. The day was determined to not go my way, or allow me to go with it.

So when I came into Zurich two days later, I decided to do something about it. No one knew me in Switzerland, and I certainly didn’t know anyone there – so I reinvented my birthday. No longer would I be shackled down to the day of my birth!

I made some friends at the hostel who were only too happy to help me pass my renovated birthday evening by going out for dinner, drinks and a bit of a dance. I even managed to get to know a few of the locals before the night was through, and everyone was happy to join in the celebrations… The night was perfect and I woke the next morn… afternoon full of memories and happiness. My advice to those with birthday blues – don’t let a simple thing like a date get in the way of you having a good time – make the switch.

I highly recommend rebirthing at least once every decade!

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