The Infamous Five and the Gaudi Gawker

A tornado just beginning to form - I hit the subway in the next 5 minutes...

A tornado just beginning to form – I hit the subway in the next 5 minutes…

I was enjoying the peace and quiet afforded by the 14-bed dormitory that I was staying in, until the Infamous Five and the Novocastrians arrived.  The five girls were from the UK and were fabulous and the two Aussie guys were from Newcastle.  I was able to pass on all the Neighbours gossip that I picked up from the other Brits I met in Paris.  And again, people thought I was an actor, Ben Unwin, from Home & Away… (These Brits are crazy!)

I call them the Infamous Five because if Enid Blyton were there, I’m sure she would have done the same.  But to qualify for one of her stories, there needs to be mystery, intrigue and adventures.

So we decided to go check out a bar that one of the girls had read about in the ‘quirky’ section of their guide-book.  After some serious amounts of walking, we arrived at the place to find a half open roller door leading down into a corridor.  We called out a hello – no answer. Checking the number again, we decided to walk inside…

Now, if you have ever seen some of the Scooby-Doo series, or some classic horror schlock, then you’ll probably know exactly what I mean when I say the decor was  ‘Haunted Freakshow Theme Park’.  Passing giant painted sculptures, posters for freak shows, we entered through the darkened corridor.  The music was on, the lights were dim and the place was empty!  Half-expecting to meet a “Jason” or a “Freddy”, we sat down in the rather odd chain chairs that were hanging from the ceiling.  It turns out, the owners were watching – you guessed it – football!  So after a few minutes of trying to make the ‘vibe’ of the place work for us, we decided to head on back to town on foot and in defeat.  Enid Blyton would have loved that bar if they served treacle, and so it came to pass that I dubbed the girls the Infamous Five.

Barcelona is famous for its Summer Olympics in 1992, Joan Miro’s enthralling artwork and of course Gaudi’s unique architecture.  It’s quite something to visit the La Familia Sagrada, Gaudi’s Stone Cathedral, and see the work as it is progressing.  It began in 1892 and will take around 200 years to build.  Looking closely at his design, you wonder how he was able to come up with such complex patterns and structures without the aid of computers.  But the astounding thing about Gaudi, is the number of buildings and designs that he came up with throughout his life. There is a local story that Gaudi was so impressed with his own work that one day he was run over and killed by a tram while gawking at his masterpiece.

And one for the weird file… There were three tornadoes in Barcelona in 24 hours. I managed to see one of them starting to form and the other two Aussie guys happened to get off their plane just as the other two formed behind them near the airport.

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