Never Fly American Airlines

Seriously, fly with any of these guys - just not AA!

Seriously, fly with any of these guys – just not AA!

After a number of experiences with my least favourite company of the Oneworld alliance, I am proud to present:


1. Why fly when you can crash?

2. Why crash when you can have your baggage sent to a small European country instead of England?

3. Happy to cancel flights, not so happy to help find you accommodation.

4. Happy to change the type of ticket you travel with as long as it causes you problems and saves AA a bit of money.

5. Happy to keep you holding a dead phone-line in over 16 languages and 42 countries around the globe.

7. The attendants who look like they have all just been told they have been fired and have 48 hours more to work

8. For changing flights to a different day than the one the customer is advised of…

9. For removing Frequent Flyer information from world tickets thereby depriving passengers of their points! (Is that called stealing?)

10. For service with a forced smile… seriously look no further.

I don’t hold grudges… much…

But seriously – big congrats to Oneworld’s other carriers – Qantas, Lan, Iberia, Cathay Pacific and British Airways – you guys rocked!

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